Today traditionally marks a day where people resolve to do things in the year to come. I’ll be doing the same, but not as resolutions…just doing. Maybe there’s no semantic difference in not uttering a resolution and just resolving…

Either way, I’m brewing, doing dishes and other housework and listening to what Spotify says are my top tracks from last year. I am very skeptical, as they’re playing some things I like but I can’t say they were by any means my top tracks, certainly by not any metric that makes logical sense. Some are, accidentally, in that category, but others? Eh… Coheed and Cambria, I like you, but I can’t remember playing that particular song – or any – more than once. Period.

Clutch? OK, yeah. When I say “heavy rotation”, they’re in it. They are it. And “X-Ray Visions” specifically? Yeah. OK.

Last thing I remember, I was covered by the ruins
I don’t know who’s to blame for that, but I know who didn’t do it
With every day that passes, it keeps on getting stranger
But that really doesn’t bother me, cause I get off on the danger

Here’s hoping today is productive and that days get better for everyone. Do your part; I’ll do mine. If I stumble, let me know and maybe lend a hand and I’ll do the same in return.

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