Bread experiments

My friend and mentor, Jeff, mentioned making a lovely-looking bread recently, so I decided it was time to start some, myself. Being that I brewed this week, and preferring bread on the heartier side, I wanted to include spent grains in making it.

I have two batches rising, currently: one with a cup of spent grain flour in it and one with two cups of spent grain flour. I want to see how each progresses, how they each turn out and which is preferable in the end as bread, to me.

I might try doing even more spent grain in one or two again soon, especially since I’m brewing again tomorrow. I want to walk the line between something people will tend to want to eat and something pushing the limit of white flour. I might try one with zero white flour, because why not…

(Edit) And, done.

It’s obvious which is which, and while they may have been slightly different, starting-volume-wise, they were really close and done at the same time on that sheet, so different times, temps, etc. weren’t issues.

I really like the 2-cup spent grain loaf and think I can push it to 3, no problem. I think I’ll have to bake up the rest of both of these 2 batches and do another couple: 3 cups spent grains (which will be almost 50% of the flour, then) and maybe an all-spent-grain loaf…

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