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As mentioned before, I have a Tilt hydrometer for monitoring fermentation activity of beers I’m brewing. I have a TiltPi RaspberryPi set up at home, too, and should have a display on the fermentation chamber to show the status of the Tilt(s) locally, but there’s more data to be had…

I had been using a Google-Sheets-based visualization for trends, but is significantly better, so far (IMO). The chart above is missing a bunch of data since I only turned it over yesterday. (Er…or…very, very early today…) Still, it’s interesting (…to me) and clearly shows the specific gravity (SG) dropping.

If you don’t know, Original Gravity (OG) minus Final Gravity (FG) is used to calculate the Alcohol By Volume (ABV). Normally, you would use a hydrometer to read the specific gravity at the start of fermentation and again once all fermentation activity has finished. Me, I never – ever! – managed to get good readings. Trust me, I know how to read a meniscus line, that’s not an issue. One time, I had the same reading recorded for OG and FG, which is an impossibility (…unless there was no fermentation, of course, but the beer was at least 4% for sure). So, I’ve been using a refractometer, but there’s issues, there, too.

So, now I’m relying on the Tilt. Except I know not to trust it completely, either; I’ll still be taking measurements with a hydrometer and refractometer, at least until or unless I can trust the Tilt.

If nothing else, I get snazzy graphs… 😉

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